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Robyn Baxter, Pilates Teacher, BSc., BEd.

Located in Carleton Place at 68 Lake Avenue West.

Sessions are by appointment only. Please call, email or use the contact form on this page.
(613) 253-6198

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I am 69 years old and have been an active person all of my life. As aging began to insert issues, such as achy joints and stiff muscles, into my active lifestyle I decided that I needed more personal attention to and direction with my training. Working with Robyn has provided that for me. My goal, when I started was to accomplish a successful, unassisted roll up from a lying position. That goal has been achieved. In addition, I have improved my general strength and flexibility with Robyn’s guided training. I can’t say that all of the aging related issues have disappeared however, I feel less vulnerable to physical deterioration. My goal now is to achieve significant old age while remaining physically strong, straight and balanced. Joyce Clinton

I’ve been a runner for 15+ years. When I started training for endurance races (1/2 and full marathons), Pilates became a critical part of my training regimen. After starting my first ½ marathon training I was plagued with injuries due to muscle imbalances, which forced me to look at cross training options. After introducing Pilates into my routine I have been able to keep a balanced body, build mental focus, recover faster from injuries, and improve my overall health. Pendulum Pilates has greatly contributed to my success in completing 12 ½ marathons and 3 marathons. Shelley Baran

The Pilates apparatus classes give me a way to exercise within my body’s limits without ever becoming frustrated with them. I feel so lucky to have found Robyn, since no other instructor of anything has gotten me past my body angst. Every time I come to Robyn and say, “this is bothering me,” she always finds a way that will avoid making it worse, while strengthening the area. And having fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and many other physical issues, there’s lots to work around! Robyn has taught me how to exercise safely when I am unwell, and that I can do anything after proper preparation. I have often gone into a class with a migraine or in a flare, and walk out refreshed, in less pain, and full of optimism.

I have tried all of her class types, and find the semi-private reformer lo be my favorite, lots of fun, a good challenge, always different, and with enough personal attention for my needs. Robyn paired me with someone with complementary body issues; every class is seemingly designed just for us. Annabelle Jessop

Robyn Baxter, Pendulum Pilates

More than just a tagline, “mindful movement” is an ethos embodied in every aspect of Robyn Baxter’s practice at Pendulum Pilates. After 30 years of active military service, and the accompanying wounds and bad habits, I came to Robyn seeking to repair the damage. With a deep understanding of exercise physiology, human kinetics and mindfulness she has gradually restored me to health and vitality. At 62 I feel more energized now than ever before, and ready for the challenges of the next sixty years. Robyn and her practice will definitely be a part of that future.

Nick (2021)

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