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The exercise room at Pendulum Pilates in Carleton Place.

Studio for Pilates and Mindful Movement in Carleton Place

Pilates is a method of body conditioning which coordinates the mind and the body through movement.

More a way of life than an exercise regimen, Joseph Pilates termed this type of work ‘contrology’ in the 1920’s. Pilates principles of movement include alignment, concentration, centring, fluidity and precision.

The philosophy of the Pilates method is to help people attain a uniformly developed body fully capable of performing all of our varied tasks easily and painlessly.

Mindful Practice

Visualization and breath techniques are also used to help strengthen the neuromuscular connections that assist in the use and recruitment of the correct muscles when needed. With consistent practice, the postural and dynamic muscles are effectively trained to provide the necessary support and strength for active living.

This mindful practice facilitates the development of a well-aligned and conditioned body, a strong abdominal core and a supportive back. The awareness and healthy use of the stabilizing muscles of the neck, shoulders, ribcage and pelvic girdle is continually nurtured with Pilates training.

Integration of the Pilates techniques will lead to an increased quality of life for all ages and all fitness levels.

Robyn Baxter coaching a student in Pilates


After years of different fitness regimes, I can state that after continued Pilates workouts at Pendulum Pilates, I have a stronger, more toned, and more flexible body. I also have achieved a more positive mental focus with no acquired workout related injuries. Also, the computer related neck tension is a past memory. Thank you, Robyn. Nancy Peckett

Learning about and practicing pilates with Robyn has provided new perspectives on mind-body awareness and opened up another dimension of fitness for me. Robyn’s positive attitude and experience put me at ease when I first began and continued to challenge me as I progressed. I always feel re-energized after a class. Caroline Wilcox

Demonstrating another pilates exercise with a ball.


  • Improvements in posture and body alignment.
  • Increases core strength, tones and flattens abdominal muscles.
  • Builds strength, efficiency and stamina of muscles.
  • Helps develop a functionally supportive back.
  • Accelerates recovery time from childbirth, strains or injuries.
  • Provides relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain and teaches techniques to avoid creating more tension.
  • Reduces stress and increases the quality of sleep.
  • Increases joint range of motion and joint stability.
  • Expands fitness ability, proprioception, balance and flexibility.
  • Advances performance in other sports.Enhances lung capacity and breathing techniques.
  • Progressively develops body awareness, coordination and neuromuscular connections.

Robyn Baxter, Pendulum Pilates

More than just a tagline, “mindful movement” is an ethos embodied in every aspect of Robyn Baxter’s practice at Pendulum Pilates. After 30 years of active military service, and the accompanying wounds and bad habits, I came to Robyn seeking to repair the damage. With a deep understanding of exercise physiology, human kinetics and mindfulness she has gradually restored me to health and vitality. At 62 I feel more energized now than ever before, and ready for the challenges of the next sixty years. Robyn and her practice will definitely be a part of that future.

Nick (2021)

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