Robyn Baxter

Robyn Baxter
Robyn Baxter

I love my mat and equipment classes with Robyn Baxter (ongoing for at least 6 years). I’ve practiced Pilates for many years, with different teachers, and Robyn is the best I’ve ever had. She is caring, compassionate, and tailors her teaching to each student’s needs. Precision! I’ve learned how to do exercises correctly for best results: no sloppy Hundreds here. Thank you Robyn, for leading me on this great journey.

Barbara Mullally (2019)

Robyn is a Certified Pilates Teacher with a passion for teaching, moving with ease, and living well. She has been teaching Pilates in Ottawa since 2004, and in her Carleton Place Studio since 2006.

She has completed over 1000 hours of training involving all of the Pilates equipment as well as tension releasing methods including: Yoga Tune-Up, the M.E.L.T Method, and the Franklin Method. She is also a Buff Bones Instructor (Pilates for low bone density). Her classes and programs are personally designed to suit the needs and aspirations of her clients.

Robyn is also a Science Teacher (B.Sc. in Biology, B.Ed) who is inspired by nature and by the human potential. As a triathelete, paddler, adventurer, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast, she believes in applying mental, spiritual and physical training into our everyday lives. She brings a positive and nourishing mind-body connection to her classes, and to helps to nurture this harmony in others.

Robyn’s classes are designed to enhance core strength and control, proprioception, body alignment, and vitality.


Full Teacher Training Program from the Pilates Centre of Ottawa (2004/5).

  • Mat Certification Levels 1 and 2
  • Personal Training
  • Reformer Certification Levels 1 and 2
  • Chair
  • Barrels and Small Apparatus
  • Cadillac

Continuing Education & Experience

As a passionate student of perceptive and functional movement, Robyn continues to grow and nurture her own practice and teaching through continuing education in imagery, anatomy, and techniques that lead to positive, lasting improvements in strength, posture/alignment, and flexibility.

Robyn demonstrating a pilates exercise with a ball.

PMA Conference 2006

Pilates Upper Quarter Focus (Madeline Black)
Pilates in 3D- Exploring the Cadillac’s 3rd Dimension (Rael Isacowitz)
Spinal Rotation (Marin Wilde)
Pilates and Psyche (Mary Bowen)
Thoracic Extension (Diane Miller)
Pilates Themes (Alicia George)

Mind Body Conference 2009

Ethical and Conscious Touch (Body Harmonics Pilates)
Lines of Movement (Body Harmonics Pilates)
Walk-ilates Teacher Training (Ellie Herman)
Pilates and Pregnancy (Alycea Ungaro)

PMA Conference 2010

Gyrokinesis (Juergen Bamberger)
The M.E.L.T Method (Sue Hitzmann)
Discovering a Key to Dynamic Equilibrium: Posterior-Lateral Muscles of the Hip (Irene Dowd)
Pilates Mat: Doing the work and feeling the work (Pat Guyton- Stretch out Strap)
Accessing the Internal Shower through the Equipment (Rachel Taylor Segel)
Creating True Integrated Whole-Body Movement (Amy Alpers)
Pilates Principles (Alan Herdman)

PMA Conference 2012

Circuit and Interval Training on Pilates Equipment (Amanda Jesse)
Are you locking down your Powerhouse? (Rebekah Rotstein)
The Science of a Healthy Spine (Brent Anderson)
Kathy Grant’s Cats and Beyond (Blossom Leilani Crawford)
Pilates for a Mature Demographic (Teresa Maldonado Marchok)
A Resilient Neck (Irene Dowd)

Franklin Method with Eric Franklin 2013 (Ottawa). The Four Pillars of a Healthy Spine: emotions, strength, balance, flexibility. Psoas: Beyond the Abdominals

Franklin Method: Relax your neck and Liberate your Shoulders 2013 (LivebyPilates, Ottawa)

Pilates For Children Training, 2013 (Brett Howard)

The Science of Rolling (Yoga Tune-Up with Todd Lavictoire 2016 (Perth)

Buff Bones Instructor Training with Rebekah Rotstein 2016 (Toronto)

Neurokinetic Therapy 2017 (NKT with Dr. Brock Easter)


Amy Alpers/The Spine to Organ Connection
Christi Idavoy/Pelvic Power
Mary Bowen/Pilates Plus Psyche: Space – Inner & Outer
Claudia Moose/Hand/Wrist and Upper Extremity Issues

Walking Well: A Stepwise Approach to Everyday Movement, 2021 (Katy Bowman and Jill Miller)

Franklin Method Dynamic Pelvic Floor Training, Part 2 Workshop, 2022 (Michele Carini)

Mary Bowen and Robyn Baxter
Robyn with Pilates Master Mary Bowen

Experience & Awards

Trained Junior A Hockey, 2011-2012 season

Carleton Place Figure Skating Club 2011

Pilates for Marathon Runners – The Running Room 2012

Member NRG2GO: Fitness professional teaching abroad (2014-present)

Teaching Pilates for Children (2013-present)

Teaching Pilates Abroad / Fit Bodies Pro Inc. Member /2014 (Mexico), 2016, 2018 (Dominican Republic), 2022 Jamaica

Reader’s Choice Diamond Award for Pilates and Personal Training (2017, Carleton Place Gazette)

Reader’s Choice Gold Award for Fitness (2017, Carleton Place Gazette)

Pendulum Pilates

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Robyn Baxter, Pendulum Pilates

More than just a tagline, “mindful movement” is an ethos embodied in every aspect of Robyn Baxter’s practice at Pendulum Pilates. After 30 years of active military service, and the accompanying wounds and bad habits, I came to Robyn seeking to repair the damage. With a deep understanding of exercise physiology, human kinetics and mindfulness she has gradually restored me to health and vitality. At 62 I feel more energized now than ever before, and ready for the challenges of the next sixty years. Robyn and her practice will definitely be a part of that future.

Nick (2021)

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