Pilates Classes

Robyn demonstrating a movement in Pilates.

Thanks for the Body Rolling workshop.  You are so organized, professional, and fun, all at the same time!  So important to make time for this.


Carleton Place Pilates Classes

We share a warm, supportive, positive and safe environment. Motivating and inspiring classes will leave you feeling harmonized, energized, and organized.

Private Classes

Mat and/or Equipment training uniquely tailored to suit your abilities and aspirations.

Semi-Private Classes

Reformer and apparatus classes for two people. Designed to optimize fitness levels of each individual though a high degree of personal attention. Classes can be with someone you know ahead of time, or someone that you meet through the studio.

Group Mat Classes

Mat classes using the small equipment: balls, bands, weights, cylinders.

Group Apparatus classes

Chair, barrel, Cadillac, Reformer and small equipment.


  • Body Rolling and Tension Release Techniques
  • Pilates for Back Health/Shoulder and Neck/Feet/Pelvic Floor and Hip
  • Pilates for Athletics
  • Pilates for Active Aging
  • Pilates for Buff Bones
  • Pilates for Chakras
  • Gaitway to Improving Walking Patterns
Robyn Baxter coaching a man on Pilates equipment.

General Information

  • Classes by appointment only.
  • All classes are one hour in length.
  • Full payment for your chosen package is required by the first scheduled class.
  • Full payment of a missed class is due if 24 hours notice is not given.
  • Missed classes can be rescheduled if at least 24 hours notice is given and if there is room in another class during the session.
  • No refunds.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or change class dates or times if necessary.
  • Grip socks required and sold here.


Cadillac | 2 Reformers | Chair | Barrel | Cylinders | Balance Board | Magic Circles |Sliders | Balls and Weights | Mats

Class Pricing

Introductory package
3 classes (new clients) $300

Private Classes
$110 per class
5 classes: $525
10 classes: $1000

Semi-Private Classes
$55 per class

Group Apparatus Classes (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, Mat and Small Apparatus)
$30 per class

Trio Group Apparatus
$35 per class

Group Mat Classes
$25 per class

Please note: Cost per session for semi-private and group classes will vary depending number of weeks in each session. All prices include HST.

Two women enjoying a Pilates session at Pendulum Pilates.


For years I had the classic “go hard or go home” type of mentality when it came to exercising. As I’ve gotten older, I decided to “try” a Pilates class as a means of giving my body a break and to try something new. Well, what I’ve experienced has certainly exceeded all my expectations. I consider both Robyn and her Pilates teaching as a great gift. Robyn is not only a warm and caring individual, but also an excellent and a knowledgeable instructor. Her passion for Pilates and her clients is evident in every class.  The changes to my body are undeniable. I feel strong and balanced. My attitude towards exercise changed as well. I will always incorporate Pilates training as a regular part of my week. I would encourage ANYONE considering taking a Pilates class to call Robyn and give it an honest try. You won’t be disappointed. Tracy Hennessey

Robyn’s pilates classes are first rate. The classes are small, fun, and she provides feeling of real personalized service. I appreciate how much of an effort Robyn makes to try to adjust the exercises to address any minor injuries we may have, or to ensure our favourite exercises are included. She explains the exercises very clearly and always ensures we have the correct form. I know a lot of other people who take Pilates classes in Ottawa and are frustrated by large class sizes, high expense, and lack of explanations of the right technique. We are very lucky to have Robyn in our area. I have seen a noticeable difference in my posture and core strength since taking Robyn’s classes.
Robin Andrew

Two students in a pilates class at Pendulum Pilates

Robyn Baxter, Pendulum Pilates

More than just a tagline, “mindful movement” is an ethos embodied in every aspect of Robyn Baxter’s practice at Pendulum Pilates. After 30 years of active military service, and the accompanying wounds and bad habits, I came to Robyn seeking to repair the damage. With a deep understanding of exercise physiology, human kinetics and mindfulness she has gradually restored me to health and vitality. At 62 I feel more energized now than ever before, and ready for the challenges of the next sixty years. Robyn and her practice will definitely be a part of that future.

Nick (2021)

Pendulum Pilates Location

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