I love my mat and equipment classes with Robyn Baxter (ongoing for at least 6 years). Iíve practiced Pilates for many years, with different teachers, and Robyn is the best Iíve ever had. She is caring, compassionate, and tailors her teaching to each studentís needs. Precision! Iíve learned how to do exercises correctly for best results: no sloppy Hundreds here. Thank you Robyn, for leading me on this great journey.
Barbara Mullally
March, 2019

Dear Robyn, with her clear and gentle instruction, is one of the most wonderful blessings in my life. I met Robyn at age 71 and have been taking 2 reformer classes a week for the last 7 years. I am now 78 and can attest to many benefits. In the short-term, I always feel 20 years younger after each class! In the longer-term, in spite of age-related issues such as arthritis, I feel I've 'held steady' in most ways and even improved in others. Gradually, my body has come into better alignment and generally feels more flexible and balanced.

Robyn is such a fine teacher and has always encouraged my own body awareness during the exercises so that I can feel the benefits of even subtle adjustments (alignment and weight distribution). Not to mention breathing deeply! I've been able to take this awareness home and into my daily life activities such as gardening. This is truly a wonderful gift- just one of many I've received in my Pilates classes. Thank you, Robyn, and thank you for the fun we have!
Sandra Dedrick
May, 2019

I am 69 years old and have been an active person all of my life. As aging began to insert issues, such as achy joints and stiff muscles, into my active lifestyle I decided that I needed more personal attention to and direction with my training. Working with Robyn has provided that for me. My goal, when I started was to accomplish a successful, unassisted roll up from a lying position. That goal has been achieved. In addition, I have improved my general strength and flexibility with Robynís guided training. I canít say that all of the aging related issues have disappeared however, I feel less vulnerable to physical deterioration. My goal now is to achieve significant old age while remaining physically strong, straight and balanced.
Joyce Clinton
May, 2016

Robyn and I have been working together for the past 5 years to improve my body self-awareness as well improving posture, body alignment and strength. I visit her studio twice a week and feel so wonderful, happy and relaxed when I leave after each session. Robyn always makes sure that any movement I am doing on the Reformer is done efficiently with concentration on a particular set of muscles. She will point out to me ways to make a movement easier if I am having an Ďoffí day, and I truly appreciate that. Her gentleness, grace and beautiful smile make it a joy to show up each day.
Beth McKibbon
Sept, 2015

The Pilates apparatus classes give me a way to exercise within my body's limits without ever becoming frustrated with them. I feel so lucky to have found Robyn, since no other instructor of anything has gotten me past my body angst. Every time I come to Robyn and say, "this is bothering me," she always finds a way that will avoid making it worse, while strengthening the area. And having fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and many other physical issues, there's lots to work around! Robyn has taught me how to exercise safely when I am unwell, and that I can do anything after proper preparation. I have often gone into a class with a migraine or in a flare, and walk out refreshed, in less pain, and full of optimism.
I have tried all of her class types, and find the semi-private reformer lo be my favorite, lots of fun, a good challenge, always different, and with enough personal attention for my needs. Robyn paired me with someone with complementary body issues; every class is seemingly designed just for us.
Annabelle Jessop
July, 2013

Robyn's pilates classes are first rate. The classes are small, fun, and she provides feeling of real personalized service. I appreciate how much of an effort Robyn makes to try to adjust the exercises to address any minor injuries we may have, or to ensure our favourite exercises are included. She explains the exercises very clearly and always ensures we have the correct form. I know a lot of other people who take Pilates classes in Ottawa and are frustrated by large class sizes, high expense, and lack of explanations of the right technique. We are very lucky to have Robyn in our area. I have seen a noticeable difference in my posture and core strength since taking Robyn's classes.
Robin Andrew
May, 2013

I’ve been a runner for 15+ years. When I started training for endurance races (1/2 and full marathons), Pilates became a critical part of my training regimen. After starting my first ½ marathon training I was plagued with injuries due to muscle imbalances, which forced me to look at cross training options. After introducing Pilates into my routine I have been able to keep a balanced body, build mental focus, recover faster from injuries, and improve my overall health. Pendulum Pilates has greatly contributed to my success in completing 12 ½ marathons and 3 marathons.
Shelley Baran
December, 2012

I have had to learn to fulfill my exercise needs with zero impact options because of bad arthritis in my hip, which has also left me with several imbalances. Pilates gives me a great head to toe workout that makes me sweat! I always feel revived with perfect posture when I leave Robyn's classes. In over 20 years of trying most forms of exercise, pilates is the only thing I have ever done where I still want to come to class even if I am sick and/or tired. It has also never left me in pain or injured and has really improved my hip. With Robyn's extensive knowledge of pilates and the equipment her studio offers, there is far more variety in Robyn's classes than possibly any other form of exercise. Robyn is very realistic, attentive and intuitive with her students. She is exceptionally skilled and a very good teacher - which is essential when communicating body awareness and describing some of the advanced pilates exercises. She respects people's individual needs on any given day, and will gently push you just enough if you need or want it. I highly recommend pilates with Robyn for anyone who wants a varied and challenging form of exercise, and who wants to develop body awareness and improve their strength and flexibility in a supportive environment.
Susan Woodley
September 2011

I have been very fortunate to have found Robyn at Pendulum Pilates. Through participating in Robyn's classes I have experienced many of the benefits that pilates has to offer. I am also more inspired to be the best that I can be in all other areas of my life. I really think that Robyn has the ability to bring out the best in everyone, she is a great inspiration.

Robyn is a very gifted teacher, who I believe truly loves to share her passion for pilates and movement with anyone who is motivated to try this form of mind body exercise. She has a remarkable ability to know just what it is that each individual person needs in order to gain the most benefit from their pilates practice. Robyn's classes will help to reveal any habits in posture and movement that you may not have been aware of and it is this awareness that will give your mind the ability to control your body to make the changes it needs in order to be healthy and feel great for many years to come.
Jennifer LeClaire
January 2011

For years I had the classic "go hard or go home" type of mentality when it came to exercising. As I've gotten older, I decided to "try" a Pilates class as a means of giving my body a break and to try something new. Well, what I've experienced has certainly exceeded all my expectations. I consider both Robyn and her Pilates teaching as a great gift. Robyn is not only a warm and caring individual, but also an excellent and a knowledgeable instructor. Her passion for Pilates and her clients is evident in every class.  The changes to my body are undeniable. I feel strong and balanced. My attitude towards exercise changed as well. I will always incorporate Pilates training as a regular part of my week. I would encourage ANYONE considering taking a Pilates class to call Robyn and give it an honest try. You won't be disappointed.
Tracy Hennessey
June 2010

Discover for yourself this amazing practice of ďPendulum PilatesĒ and more importantly, ďRobynĒ! Robyn has been so instrumental in helping me in many different facets of my health. My initial goal was to tone and strengthen my body, and improve my posture. Throughout her sessions, Robyn has encouraged, and challenged me to achieve exercise levels that I never thought were possible. What has also developed, is that she positively and quietly helped me to appreciate who I am. She is such a personal testimonial to her practice of Pendulum Pilates that you feel privileged to be participating in her classes. The bonus, my golf game has improved with no more sore shoulders, and back issues! Thank you Robyn, for the lovely person you are and your desire to help others, through the practice of Pilates.
Cheryl Hooghiem
November 2009

Robyn teaches in a clear, relaxed manner. Her programs are tailored to your individual needs and she is open to answering any questions you may have on pilates or physical fitness in general. She focuses on developing a pilates plan that can suit your goals. Robynís routines give results. I have never been able to touch my toes, reaching only 6 inches from the floor no matter how hard I tried. Now I can easily bend and reach the floor without effort or strain. Although my stomach is not as flat as it was before having my 3 children, I often get compliments on my trim middle and secretly revel in the 6-pack abs I never thought I would see. My ultimate goal Robyn is helping me with is to remain healthy and active so I can participate in any activities my 3 children throw my way, now and in years to come.
N. Bailey
October 2009

Robyn is an excellent Pilates teacher. She is patient, knowledgeable and
caring. She targets your physical weaker points and helps you strengthen
them in order to benefit your body both for exercise and for life. Her
passion for Pilates definitely translates to her students, and in turn I
have truly come to love this form of exercise. There is a change in my
body, I feel stronger and healthier. It's great!
Anne Barrette
July 2005

Robyn’s friendly personality, professionalism, and confidence made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. Her education and training have obviously served her well. She has a keen ability to listen to my concerns and quickly adapt her programs in order to fit my individual health needs without sacrificing the lesson. I appreciate her attention to correct my posture and movement patterns insuring that I receive the most benefit from each exercise. She has taught me a great deal about the key concepts in Pilates and she is a great example of what she teaches. Pilates has increased more than the strength of my inner core, it has given me confidence and motivation to improve my health in all other areas.
Donna Quackenbush
January 2006

We are celebrating one of Joseph Pilates most dedicated teachers, Robyn Baxter. At the start some of us were a little bit out of shape, compared with our young life stage. Then came Robyn, with her undeniable devotion, she started to reshape our bodies with her many carefully planned and executed lessons, and she did not let us go. So, from the “I don’t know how to do this”, or “ I can’t do this at all”, we ended up not only capable to accomplish certain movements, but actually enjoying them. And we started to notice some different muscles in our bodies; we improved our posture, and started to shine in our bodies. Overall, we started to feel better all over. Thank you, Robyn, for your dedication and your patience with every one of us.
Judith Balint
December 2006

After years of different fitness regimes, I can state that after continued Pilates workouts at Pendulum Pilates, I have a stronger, more toned, and more flexible body. I also have achieved a more positive mental focus with no acquired workout related injuries. Also, the computer related neck tension is a past memory. Thank you, Robyn.
Nancy Peckett
February 2007

Robyn is an authentic, integral example of the Pilates philosophy. Her natural exuberance for movement has inspired me to devote self-care time and I love the results. Thank you.
Michelle Horne
January, 2007

I have been surprised at how much Pilates has become incorporated into my everyday life with respect to my posture and general well being. My body image and confidence has vastly improved . Thanks.
Diane Walker
March 2007

Learning about and practicing pilates with Robyn has provided new perspectives on mind-body awareness and opened up another dimension of fitness for me. Robynís positive attitude and experience put me at ease when I first began and continued to challenge me as I progressed. I always feel re-energized after a class.
Caroline Wilcox
May 2008